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 Making hypno sense - hypnotherapy

Essential help in Troubled Times  
Stephan Toqué, London  

What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a very effective way of "bridging" our conscious and subconscious minds, encouraging them to "talk" to each other and establishing a dialogue. Our conscious and subconscious minds usually make contact during R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep. The altered state of consciousness (or trance) we reach during S.F.H. mimics R.E.M. It induces a deep and very pleasant state of mind during which our subconscious is highly receptive to new perspectives and ideas.

With Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, we move away from problem mind-set approaches common to many other forms of therapies so as to shift our attention towards solution-driven strategies. This approach enables the client to envision what a problem-free future looks like and what steps can be taken to make it a reality.

Current brain research suggests that when in a trance state, there are substantial and measurable changes in terms of brain activity. Trance is a very natural, safe and non intrusive state of mind we go in and out of every day whether reading, watching a movie or even driving our car. It can very simply be compared to daydreaming (that point when you just drift off whilst maintaining a heightened sense of awareness). We can use this deep state of relaxation for pre-selected goals. Artists and athletes refer to it as "being in the zone". It allows us to bridge the conscious and subconscious minds, accessing our inner self and becoming aware of the vast resources we all carry within.

Based on an understanding of how the brain works, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy differs from earlier forms of therapy by encouraging you to formulate a positive image of your problem-free future rather than focusing on the cause or symptoms of the problem itself.

The Beautiful Mystery of Hypnosis - Deconstructing misconceptions

I am absolutely confident that the more you know about hypnosis, the less "scary" it will be and the more comfortable you will feel as you realize you actually put yourself into hypnotic states every single day.
You have probably noticed already that you often become so inwardly absorbed and focused on your thoughts that you can ignore many of the things going on around you, even though you know they are happening. One common example is becoming caught up in a good book or a powerful movie.

But the best analogy to explain what hypnotic trance feels like is to compare it with daydreaming. Think about those times when you were in a classroom as the teacher was lecturing at one end of the room and you were staring out a window. Your eyes were open and you were seeing, yet you weren't actually looking at what you were seeing. Your ears were also open and recording the changes in air pressure we call sound waves, so you were hearing, yet you weren't actually listening to what you were hearing. This day-dreamlike state is what a hypnotic trance feels like. It is simply an altered state of consciousness.

With clinical hypnosis, the difference is that you are putting yourself in a trance state deliberately with a clear purpose and a reason - discussed prior to trance - for inducing this relaxed form of focused concentration. One of the reasons hypnosis is so effective lies in the extreme power of our subconscious mind.

When our conscious and subconscious minds intent is concentrated and focused, we are then able to use it more powerfully, as if it were directed through a magnifying glass.